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High Pressure Hose Mustang Nozzles

Mustang Nozzles

We keep a large range of nozzles on hand at all times, and we can also custom order in anything you require. Simply call ahead with what you’re after and we’ll look after you.

Product Double Barrel Root Ranger
This unique nozzle is based on the popular Root Ranger Jetting Nozzle with double the power. It was designed to
Product Double Ended Root Ranger
The Double Ended Root Ranger with forward cutting turbine and larger rear turbine has less thrust than a standard Root
Product JetEx Turbo Nozzle
JetEx Turbo Nozzle. This nozzle works on a standard jetter from 18lpm up and features a front turbo jet nozzle
Product LaserJet Nozzle
The newly designed Laserjet nozzle is short and powerful. It can negotiate itself around tight bends and traps with ease.
Product Nozzle Locator Box
This heavy duty nozzle box includes a Ridgid battery sonde and adaptor for locating the end of the hose instead
Product Mustang 3 8 Nozzles
Mustang Nozzles 3/8" Nozzle Box Includes Larger .07 Root Ranger, Tip Cleaner, Brass Quick Release Coupler, 3/8" Bandit Nozzle, 3/8"
Product Mustang 7 Piece Box
Save money by buying the Mustang Nozzles 7 Piece Nozzle Box! It has all the nozzles and fittings you need
Product Mustang 14 Piece Box
Save money by purchasing a box kit. This 14 piece set comes with everything you will need to clear that
Product Root Rat Nozzle
Root Rat Nozzles are original and unique. Perform the most difficult drain cleaning applications. Constructed of hardened stainless steel for
Product Rotospin Nozzle
The Rotospin Nozzle. This is a controlled rotation nozzle engineered specifically to suit high-pressure, low-flow jetter machines used in clearing
Product Screwdriver Nozzle
The Screwdriver Nozzle has a unique front blade used for gouging deep into the blockage as you twist the hose.
Product Trivector Nozzle
Trivector Nozzle. An innovative nozzle with 4 rear thrust jets and 3 powerful front penetrating jets. It is used to

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