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Sonde Adaptor Complete

Sonde Adaptor Complete

The Ridgid Sonde is used to locate faults in the drain or help locate where the drain runs using a locator. The Mustang Nozzles Sonde Adaptor screws onto the sonde so that it can be connected to a Water Jet Hose and Jetted down the drain via 6 rear thrusting jets.

This is helpful when a line has broken and is holding water. You can locate the break without using your camera (as the camera will not show anything as it’s holding water), or for when you can’t physically push the camera down far enough.

The Sonde Adaptor is made from hardened stainless steel and comes with a Mustang Nozzles Lifetime Workmanship Warranty.

Size 1/4″ BSP

Comes complete with a stainless steel quick-release tail and PVC wear protection cone.

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