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Get a High Pressure Washer From Quality Manufacturers: BAR, Kranzle & Crommelins

Melbourne Jetter Centre by Crockford & Co is a proven leader in the supply, service and repair of high pressure cleaners and washers. The team will meet all your pressure cleaning needs, wherever you are in Melbourne or the Mornington Peninsula.

We upply and service top of the range high pressure commercial washers in petrol and diesel versions, as well as electric models for lighter domestic applications.

We source our equipment from top brand suppliers around the world, including the B.A.R. Group in Australia, Kranzle in Germany and Australian made Crommelins machines.


"I have been in the drain cleaning industry for 20 years. Fast and efficient servicing of my Jetting equipment is crucial for my business. Melbourne Jetter Centre delivers in spades! Thanks Mick, keep up the good work"

(Glenn Banks)

Explore Our Range of High Pressure Washers

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Commercial / Industrial Pressure Washer

The pressure washer you need for an industrial application requires more PSI than others.

Pressure washer rating is based on their PSI output. Typical heavy-duty pressure washers range between 2,900 and 3,500 PSI. These are the ones generally found in industrial applications.

Even some medium-duty pressure washers can take care of tricky industrial situations. Once you dip into anything higher than 3,500 PSI, those pressure washers are used for strict industrial applications and a high level of caution is advised when operating.

Product BAR 3513G HJV

Petrol High Pressure Washer

If you are looking for a washer for commercial or industrial purposes, then a petrol high pressure washer is the best choice. The petrol high pressure washer has a maximum power level of up to 5,000 PSI which makes it possible to be used for more intense cleaning.

The main advantage of the petrol high pressure washer is that it is designed to work anywhere. However, a beginner is more likely to have trouble operating this washer due to its features which make it a little more complex. There are some that are built mainly for professionals as its features are ideal for a higher and more powerful range of use.

Servicing & Repairs

Client Reviews & Testimonials

Best around.I drive over 2 hrs to get my equipment serviced there. Trustworthy and go above every time.
josh K.
josh K.
05:27 11 Nov 23
Ive used Melbourne jetters a few times. The owner can be pretty straight forward and blunt but he's a good fella. Always fits our jobs in at a more than fair price and has them done fast and to a high standard.You also get to pet his dogs in the office while you wait which is a plus!
03:20 31 Jul 23
Hi Liesel & Mick, thanks for helping us out at short notice and excellent service, Regards Paul
Paul Webb (Webb P.
Paul Webb (Webb P.
03:42 27 May 22
I’ve had dealings with Mick regarding my High pressure water jet machine over the past two years and found him to have a wealth of knowledge, Direct & Careful.Every time my machine is serviced/ Fixed by Crockfords it runs very well till next service.In the past i took else where before discovering Crockfords only to have have issues soon after.Mick is a busy man you will need to book ahead for him to work on your Jetta and have patients.I promise you having your Jetta fixed by Mick (Crockfords & Co) it will be done right.
P S.
P S.
08:15 14 Nov 21
Great service, the blokes in there know what they are talking about and sell good quality products.
Tyson H.
Tyson H.
06:09 28 Jul 21
I used to get my machine serviced at a popular service centre and always had trouble with machine performance until Jetter serviced my machine, very happy with the service and technical support.
Hakan O.
Hakan O.
22:06 23 Jan 21
Great help and advice, definitely go the extra mile to discuss and custom make pressure washers to your requirements
George B.
George B.
01:29 04 Dec 20
Our wash unit went down over the weekend and weren’t able to get going. Monday morning I made 20 phone calls and met with the same “what’s it off?” “We’ll have to order it in”. I called Crockford and Co. and 1, The dealer knew exactly what I needed and 2, had one in stock! I’ll be singing your praises for weeks - thank you 👍
Jason F.
Jason F.
05:35 18 May 20
Spent 3hrs stuffing around at other places with no success.. saw Micheal @ Melbourne jetter centre who had everything in needed and sorted in a matter of minutes.. thanks so much
stipe J.
stipe J.
00:34 13 Feb 20
I have been in the drain cleaning industry for 20 years ,fast and efficient servicing of my Jetting equipment is crucial to my business. Mick @ Melbourne Jetter Centre by Crockford & Co delivers in spades, thanks Mick, keep up the good work, see you in 6 months.
Glenn B.
Glenn B.
10:05 30 Sep 19
Excellent service and good prices. Highly recommend.
Dave K.
Dave K.
09:46 06 Jan 18
Keeps our sewer jet running like new so we can service our clients as quickly and effectively as possible
Missing I.
Missing I.
13:54 01 Sep 16

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Melbourne Jetter Centre by Crockford and Co is the only company you need for the sales and servicing of Jetters, Jetting Equipment, high-pressure cleaners and washers across Victoria.

If you’re looking for Jetting Equipment or high-flow units for brick cleaning or commercial cleaning, or a domestic unit for car cleaning and home maintenance, Melbourne Jetter Centre by Crockford and Co can help.

With more than 21 years of experience dealing with pressure cleaning applications, the Melbourne Jetter Centre by Crockford & Co has refined its offering to expertly handle every component of hot and cold pressure cleaning, including servicing, repairs and the provision of parts and accessories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good PSI for a high pressure washer?

Pressure washers are available with various different Pounds per square inch (PSI) of pressure. Making a decision on what PSI requirement you’ll need can be based on the types of task you are expecting to be undertaking with your pressure washer, including what sort of dirt you need to remove, and what surface, material or object you need to clean.

Lower PSIs can be used for easier jobs such as washing the car and removing general road grime, while units with a higher pressure flow are more powerful and therefore generally recommended for cleaning tougher dirt such as oil.

As an example, to clean your BBQ, bike or car you’ll need around 1,500 PSI. To clean a decked area, you’ll need closer to 2,600 PSI. For a boat, property exterior or driveway you might require closer to 3,000 PSI. And for the toughest jobs like removing graffiti or stripping paint you will need up to 4,000 PSI.

Our advice would be that if you don’t expect to need to exceed 2,500 PSI for any objects or areas you might need to clean, you can save money by purchasing a pressure washer with 2,600 PSI, rather than a more expensive 3,000 or 4,000 PSI option.

Which is the best high pressure washer to choose?

The best option of pressure washer really depends on your own specific circumstances, and what you’re planning on using your new pressure washer for.

There are lots of great pressure washer brands available in Australia, and as experts in the field the team at Melbourne Jetter Centre by Crockford & Co is familiar with all of them, as well as their unique advantages and limitations.

Talk through your requirements with our expert team and we’ll help you select a model with the right features to ensure all your pressure washing tasks can be completed to the highest quality, and with minimal effort and risk.

How do I use a high pressure washer?

As a result of the high pressure produced, it is vitally important to familiarise yourself with your pressure washer and learn how to use it correctly before you begin. Failure to do so means you risk the powerful jets of water breaking windows, stripping off paint, making a hole in your wall or, as a worst case scenario, causing injury to yourself or somebody else.

Whatever type of pressure washer you have, you should take into consideration the following advice:

Read the manual to discover how to operate your particular machine.

Prepare your surroundings by removing trip hazards, covering breakables such as light fittings on the wall, and closing all windows to prevent water from making its way indoors.

Avoid using the zero-degree nozzle. It creates the highest pressure by producing a narrow jet of water, meaning it is also the most likely to cause damage. It is highly unlikely you will ever need to clean anything that requires that level of pressure, so the safest option would be to either discard it, or store it separately from the rest of the machine.

Wear protective gear including enclosed shoes, safety goggles, work gloves and ear protectors to keep yourself safe not only from getting wet, but also from the possibility of injury.

Be aware of your hands and make sure they never come into contact with the water as it jets out from your machine. Failure to follow this advice could result in injury.

For electric pressure washers, you’ll want to avoid extension cords because, as we all know, electricity combined with water can equal electrocution.

For a gas pressure washer, remember never to use it in an enclosed area because the exhaust emits carbon monoxide, which can be dangerous if allowed to build up in the air. Instead, try to ensure a well ventilated space.

How does a high pressure washer work?

Typically, pressure washers are fitted with gas-fuelled engines or electrical motors, which power a pump that extracts water from your garden hose before pressurising it.

The water stream created is then forced out through a narrow nozzle, with the pressure creating enough kinetic energy to effectively blast, loosen and remove dirt from whatever surface you are cleaning. The fact that it’s only water means with the right pressure level you won’t risk damaging the surface.

How strong of a high pressure washer do I need?

The actual pressure created by a pressure washer can be measured using Pounds per square inch or PSI. The right PSI for any given task really depends on the nature of it. It will vary depending on the type of surface or object you’re cleaning, and the type of dirt you’re trying to remove. Units that can generate a greater PSI offer more power and can therefore remove stubborn dirt, like oil. The following offers a basic guide to the levels of pressure you’ll need to get from your machine for particular jobs:

  • BBQs, bikes and cars – 1,500 PSI
  • Decked areas – 2,600 PSI
  • Boats, property exteriors and driveways – 3,000 PSI
  • Removing graffiti or stripping paint – 4,000 PSI

If you don’t anticipate ever needing to clean anything that might require more than 2,500 PSI, you can save money by purchasing a machine with a maximum PSI of 2,600, rather than a more expensive model capable of generating up to 4,000 PSI.

How do I use a high pressure washer to clean my car?

If you’re looking for a way to save time and remove the hassle from washing your car, a pressure washer can offer the perfect solution. Used right, it will leave your vehicle looking as good as new!

Firstly, connect your machine to the power, and make sure no cables are exposed to water.

Attach a garden hose to your machine, and double check it for annoying kinks that could interfere with water flow.

Connect the hose to the machine’s lance and select a PSI of around 1,500.

Once you’ve turned your machine on, you’ll want to remain a safe distance from the car (around 5 to 10 ft.) until you are feeling confident about using it.

Start by rinsing your car using sweeping motions, starting at the top and working your way down. This approach will ensure that dirt isn’t simply moved from one area of the car to another.

After rinsing, either connect the foam spraying lance if detachable, or use the machine’s inbuilt hose, and insert it into a bottle of you preferred type of carwash cleaner. Once connected, cover the vehicle in foam, again working your way from top to bottom.

With the foam applied, letting the car sit for a few moments will give time for the soap to work its magic and loosen the dirt. Following this, simply disconnect the foam and rinse again.

If you notice that some stubborn dirt remains after rinsing, you can attach your machine’s auto brush, using its soft bristles to loosen any remaining grime without the risk of damaging to your paint work.

Rinse once more, and then chamois your vehicle to remove any remaining water from its surface, and provide a polished look.


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