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Electric vs Petrol Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are gradually becoming the go-to devices for both home and professional users. They can be used for any and every kind of cleaning, from removing graffiti to cleaning boats. They operate by combining water and high pressure to remove even the toughest stains. Depending on the type of work you need to complete, buying a pressure washer could take hours off the time you would use without it, making it a worthy investment.

If you’re looking to buy a pressure washer, you are likely to find several options to choose from, including hot and cold pressure washers, gas, electric and petrol washers. In this article, you’ll be taken through how to answer one of the questions that you’ll encounter, which is whether to get a petrol or electric washer. Both washers can get the job done and so it might be challenging to choose which one is better. However, it will be easier to choose if you know more about both of them, what they do and how they can cater to your needs. 

With an extensive range of high-pressure washers for you to choose from, we at Melbourne Jetter Centre want to help you understand the two varieties better to determine which one will best serve your needs.

Electric High Pressure Washers

As the name suggests, this pressure washer relies on electricity to function. The electric pressure washer is generally recommended for domestic use mainly because it has a maximum capacity or power level of around 2,000 PSI, which is relatively low. They are also lightweight and so if you want something for industrial use, then it may not be the best choice. The user gets maximum control with this high pressure washer, in addition to the features for easy use. If you need a tool around the house to do your cleaning then this is the one for you.

You’re likely to receive an electric pressure washer with various attachments that can be used for cleaning things like the pool area, bikes or the barbecue. These attachments, however, can also come with petrol washers. Because of the lightweight nature of these washers, they are easy to move around. The only problem is that if the distance from the location of use to a power socket is far, you may be limited. In that instance, you will need an extension cord or a washer with a longer hose. 

Electric washers are quite easier to maintain, and also, you wouldn’t need additional parts to ensure that it works. The washer also doesn’t have any major parts that could damage and need replacement. This characteristic also makes it a great choice for beginners. Generally, electric pressure washers are relatively cheaper as well and so will be a good choice if you are on a budget.

Petrol High Pressure Washer

The main advantage of the petrol high pressure washers is that it is designed to work anywhere. However, a beginner is more likely to have trouble operating this washer due to its features which make it a little more complex. There are some that are built mainly for professionals as its features are ideal for a higher and more powerful range of use.

Since they need petrol as a source of fuel, you won’t need to bother about staying close to a switch like in the case of an electric washer. The only downside to this is that the washer becomes heavier than the electric option since the fuel and engine adds weight to the unit. This is still not much of a problem since the washer is likely to be on wheels and so mobility is easier.

Unlike their electric counterparts, petrol pressure washers require routine maintainable checks. This is to ensure that the parts are in top-notch shape so that the machine can last longer. Maintenance is simple if you understand how the washer performs; otherwise, it is best to consult a professional.

If you are looking for a washer for commercial or industrial purposes, then this is the best choice. The petrol high pressure washer has a maximum power level of up to 5,000 PSI which makes it possible to be used for more intense cleaning.

These washers are more likely to cost more than the electric option due to the high power level and portability features. Also, you will have to purchase other things for the washer, including the fuel, that is petrol, oil and detergent in order to use it. This also adds to the cost, as compared to the electric option. These expenses make it such that even a petrol washer with the same PSI as the electric one will cost more.

Petrol or Electric Pressure Washer, Which Is The Best?

When choosing between these two options, it boils down to your needs and preference.

One thing to consider is your budget. If you have more money to spend, on fuel, maintenance, etc., then getting a high pressure petrol washer is not such a bad idea. Otherwise, an electric washer should work just fine.

Also, another consideration to make is the purpose for which you need the machine. For industrial use which requires more power, the petrol washer or 3 phase electric unit will be a more efficient option. If you just need a tool to use around the house, then it is not a bad idea to get a single phase electric option.

The petrol machine, on the other hand, can cater to both domestic and industrial needs. The latter is also more likely to last longer even with the additional cost required to purchase and maintain it as compared to the electric one. 

No matter the choices you have to make, one important thing is to ensure that you are buying from a trusted supplier. Failing to do this means you’re getting a mediocre product no matter which one you settle on. Melbourne Jetter Centre has a wide range of high-quality washers from reputable brands including B.A.R. group in Australia at your disposal and to meet your needs. Get in touch with us today.


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