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BAR KL1600A Pressure Washer

The BAR KL1600 pressure washer is a powerful cold water pressure cleaner, suitable for heavier duty cleaning applications. This pressure washer features a brass head pump which is more durable and better suited to locations with poor water quality. The pressure washer has a maximum pressure of 2175 Psi and water flow rate of 8 l/min. The powerful 1.6kW motor easily drives the axial 3 piston, brass head pump.


  • Durable, 3 piston brass head pump producing 2175 Psi pressure
  • Powerful 1.6 kW electric motor
  • 8 meter, 1.4″ durable “thermo” hose
  • Turbo nozzle cleaning head for concrete cleaning
  • Brush accessory for washing cars
  • Foam lance for applying detergents
  • Easy storage for accessories
  • Hose reel for easy hose storage
  • Additional lifting handle
  • Rubber covered wheels for easy transportation and reduced marking on hard surfaces
  • Large range of optional cleaning accessories
  • Manufactured in Italy
  • “Total stop” automatically shuts down the pressure washer when the spray gun is closed
  • Thermal motor protection
  • Adjustable detergent suction with filter
  • External and internal detergent tank
  • Only 13kg
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