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We stock everything including Jetters & Jetting Accessories, High Pressure Washers, BAR Hot & Cold Pressure Washers, Spare Parts, Hoses & Accessories. Contact us for authorised repairs & servicing. Call (03) 9792 2350

Pressure Washers

We proudly stock:


Welcome to Melbourne Jetter Centre
by Crockford and Co.

High Pressure Washers


BAR Pressure Washers

Servicing & Repairs

"Keeps our sewer jet running like new so we can service our clients as quickly and effectively as possible"

(Property Profiled)

Jetters Drain, Sewer & Plumbing


King Cobra, RamJet, BAR Pursewer & Python series

Our high pressure drain cleaning jetters have revolutionised the way that blocked drains are cleared.

The King Cobra series makes short work of drain blockages such as tree roots in conjunction with it's unique Jetting nozzles. It vibrates and rotates, clearing roots with a super high powered water jet stream.

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Drain Jetters

Sewer, Plumbing & Drain Jetters

Drain Jetters use up to 5000 psi of water pressure with various flow rates through rotating, piecing and pulling nozzle systems to clear drain and sewer blockages. Blockages caused by tree roots and organic build up are no match for the cutting and cleaning power of a Drain Jetter nozzle. 

Unlike other methods of drain and sewer cleaning, Drain Jetters leave nothing behind. The nozzle and hose are automatically pulled into the drainpipe by water pressure through the reverse facing propulsion jets. In fact, the operator needs to provide some resistance to control its descent.

Drain Jetting or hydro jetting, as it is also known, is faster and the most effective method used for clearing blockages. Running the Drain Jetter nozzle back and forth a few times through the affected area and the job is done.

"Excellent service and good prices. Highly recommended”

(Dave Kitto)

Servicing & Repairs

drain jetters

Jetter Training Course

High-Pressure Water Jetting, Drain Cleaning and Vacuum Loading Training

Trainright Industrial Services offers nationally recognised courses to help you safely and efficiently operate high-pressure water jetting, drain cleaning, and vacuum loading equipment.

They have courses for both beginners and experienced operators, and all courses are delivered in a personal and engaging way. Download their brochure today to learn more and get started on your training.

Melbourne Jetter Center
by Crockford & Co

Melbourne Jetter Centre by Crockford and Co is the only company you need for the sales and servicing of Jetters, Jetting Equipment, high-pressure cleaners and washers across Victoria.

If you’re looking for Jetting Equipment or high-flow units for brick cleaning or commercial cleaning, or a domestic unit for car cleaning and home maintenance, Melbourne Jetter Centre by Crockford and Co can help.

With more than 21 years of experience dealing with pressure cleaning applications, the Melbourne Jetter Centre by Crockford & Co has refined its offering to expertly handle every component of hot and cold pressure cleaning, including servicing, repairs and the provision of parts and accessories.

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