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Servicing & Repairs

Pressure Washer Servicing & Repairs 

Melbourne Jetter Centre by Crockford and Co is the only company you need for the sales and servicing of Jetters, Jetting Equipment, high-pressure cleaners and washers across Victoria.

If you’re looking for Jetting Equipment or high-flow units for brick cleaning or commercial cleaning, or a domestic unit for car cleaning and home maintenance, Melbourne Jetter Centre by Crockford and Co can help.

With more than 21 years of experience dealing with pressure cleaning applications, the Melbourne Jetter Centre by Crockford & Co has refined its offering to expertly handle every component of hot and cold pressure cleaning, including servicing, repairs and the provision of parts and accessories.

Our advice and services can save you thousands of dollars by:

  • Extending the life of current units through scheduled servicing
  • Reviving older and broken equipment with replacement parts and skilled mechanical repairs
  • Identifying, recommending and supplying replacement options when equipment is beyond economical repair.

Melbourne Jetter Centre by Crockford & Co starts by listening. We won’t make recommendations or undertake any work until we fully understand the applications for which you are using your pressure cleaning equipment and the mechanical or other problems you may be experiencing.

When it comes to servicing and repairs, everything is transparent. We never proceed until we have fully diagnosed all issues, quoted accurately, informed you of the process, parts, costs and time involved, and received your informed consent.

Call Melbourne Jetter Centre by Crockford & Co for honest and accurate advice on all your high-pressure cleaning needs that will save you time and money.

"I have been in the drain cleaning industry for 20 years. Fast and efficient servicing of my Jetting equipment is crucial for my business. Melbourne Jetter Centre delivers in spades! Thanks Mick, keep up the good work"

(Glenn Banks)


What We Service

We service all makes and models of high pressure washers and jetters.  If you’re having issues with engine and pump performance, it could be due to:

  • Faulty or fouled spark plugs
  • Failed oil viscosity
  • Low pressure
  • Blocked or dysfunctional air filters and other factors

Book in for a service today and keep your machine in tip-top shape.

Pressure Washer Repairs Melbourne

Like any mechanical device, your high pressure cleaner, pump and accessories need regular attention to ensure they continue to deliver maximum performance.

We recommend regular, scheduled service checks after every 50 to 100 hours of operation, to keep your cleaners and pumps in prime condition. We also carry out diagnostic tests on engines that are 10 or more years old. That way you can make an early and informed decision about repairing or replacing your asset.

Think of this service as a health check for the technology that plays a vital part in the success and efficiency of your business. See our pricing below or book in your service now.


"Excellent service and good prices. Highly recommended”

(Dave Kitto)

Full Jetter Service

A Full Jetter Service is recommended once every 100hours or 6 months. Whichever comes first. This service includes the following:

Change air filters
Change spark plugs
Change oil & fuel filters
Change all oils
Valve clearance adjustment
Motor pump and gearbox inspection
Wash & clean
Safety inspection

Commercial Pressure Washer Hot & Cold Service

This service is recommended once every 6-12months, dependant on use. This service includes the following:

Change all oils
Safety inspection
Lubrication of moving parts
Clean or replace filters
Pressure Test


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