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BAR Pressure Washer Buying Guide

If you’re looking to invest in a quality high pressure washer, the BAR pressure washer is an excellent choice. Built with cleanliness and the customer experience in mind, these products are the ideal solution for anybody looking for an affordable and convenient pressure cleaner to get rid of the tough grime, mould and dirt present on a variety of surfaces.

Below, we’ll outline our guide to buying a BAR pressure washer. We’ll outline why we think BAR products are great for pressure cleaning, and discuss our four favourite BAR pressure washers.

What sets BAR Pressure Washers apart?

BAR pressure washers are excellent for pressure cleaning as they’re powerful, affordable, easy to use, convenient and feature a wide variety of types in order to suit your particular washing needs.

BAR offer products specifically designed for both regular professional users and for residential purposes. They offer different power options, including the petrol pressure washer and the electric pressure washer. They’ve also got a wide range of both cold and hot pressure washers to suit your needs.

BAR products are crafted to get into the nitty-gritty of whatever surface you’re high pressure washing. Whether you’re washing a brick house, an industrial warehouse, a concrete driveway or wooden balconies, there’s a place for a BAR pressure washer.

The BAR Group was formed in 2004 and is based in Australia and New Zealand. Their staff are absolute experts in what they do, and have been working with some of the most reputable brands over the course of their working lives. BAR represents a number of globally reputable manufacturers based in Europe and the United States, including:

  • Comet Italy – electric machines manufactured in the beautiful country of Italy
  • Maer Italy – the creators of some of the world’s greatest hot water electric pressure cleaners
  • Bertolini, CAT Pumps, Annovi and Interpump – well-known manufacturers of high-quality high pressure pumps.

Locally designed and manufactured, the BAR Group is known to offer pressure washers for very specific requirements, whether you’re working in a warehouse or a mine. We’re proud to have a great working relationship with them, and have been stocking their products at the Melbourne Jetter Centre by Crockford & Co for many years.

4 x BAR Pressure Washers For Sale

Below, we’ll outline four examples of BAR high pressure washers for sale here at our store. These are some of our favourites, well-known for their excellent design and ability to get your job done.

Product BAR 2565C H

BAR 2765C-H

The BAR 2765C-H is one of our most popular models. It’s easy to see why. Crafted by Comet in Italy, this high-quality pressure cleaner is perfect if you’re looking to use a pressure washer regularly as a professional.

This machine is designed with an impressive genuine GX200 Honda engine, with a long life Italian plunger pump and a low pressure detergent injection kit. We can supply this cold water pressure cleaner in a ready to work state, with 2,700 PSI and a hose that’s 7.5 meters long.

Product BAR 3513G HJV

BAR 3513G-HJV Pressure Washer

The BAR 3513G-HJV is one of our Honda powered pressure cleaners, and is by far one of the best products on our shelves. With a plunger pump manufactured by the Italian company Comet, this mighty cleaning object powers at 3,500 PSI and pumps 15 litres per minute. The Australian certified Honda 13HP GX390 engine also comes with a complete 3 year warranty from Honda Australia.

Product BAR Hot Pressure Cleaner SMART

BAR Hot Pressure Cleaner SMART

Our SMART range of BAR hot pressure cleaners are considered the new generation of stainless steel hot pressure washers. They’re conveniently designed with built-in fuel tanks and have a safety system built to automatically stop after releasing the trigger to avoid interruption. It has a hot water pressure of an impressive 1,740 PSI and pumps at 11 litres per minute, with 10 metres of suction hose to get any cleaning task done.

Product KL 1600 A


The BAR KL1600A machine is a robust and powerful cold water pressure washer, and excellent for heavy duty jobs (boasting a powerful 2,175 PSI at 8 litres per minute). The cleaner is durable, has a powerful 1.6 KW electric motor and is conveniently designed so you can store it anywhere you like. Manufactured in Italy, the washer only weighs 3 kilograms so is very easy to carry around.

Ask us about our BAR pressure washers

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Let us know what kind of surface you’re looking to clean, and what you’re looking for in cleaning equipment. We can help you choose the right pressure washer for you. Give us a call on 03 9792 2350 and a friendly team member will be more than happy to help.



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