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Best Pressure Washers For Industrial Use

Pressure washers come in all shapes and sizes. You might need guidance when you’re looking for the best pressure washers for industrial projects.

Pressure washers are used for all types of applications. Cleaning siding, decks, driveways, machines, you name it. The pressure washer you need for an industrial application requires more PSI than others.

Whether you call it a pressure washer, power washer, jetter, or cleaner, these machines all provide the same results. The process starts when water enters the system at low pressure. At this point, a gas or the electric motor will pump the water through a hose at a higher pressure upon release, hence the name, pressure washer.

You need a power washer that stacks up to the competition. Let’s review the five best power washers for industrial we have on the market.

1. BAR Avant Professional Hot

The BAR Avant Professional Hot provides more than enough power for industrial use. This washer is built behind a 415V electric motor engine spitting out 1440 RPMs. It’s motor packs 7.5kW/ 10.0HP Power. The engine is built upon an AISI 304 Stainless Steel casing and a painted steel frame.

This hot washer can power 3000 PSI at 21 litres per minute. Manufactured in Italy, the Avant also includes a stainless steel vertical boiler with a Frame Control Sensor. Its ventilation is serviced by an independent electric motor and there’s a detergent injection on board that supplies injection at high pressure.

Considering all the package includes, the Avant is one of the best commercial electric pressure washers on the market.

2. BAR 2565C-H

If you’re looking for a cold pressure washer that packs 2700 PSI into its Genuine GX200 Honda Engine, then the BAR 2565C-H is for you.

It’s PSI rating is well above the lowest acceptable range for most industrial tasks. What really sets this power washer apart is the reliability of its Honda engine. These engines are known to last over time and across a variety of models.

Aside from this, the BAR is among the best pressure washers because of its build and features. It boasts an ergonomic 2 wheel scoop frame with 10-inch pneumatic tires making it easy for transportation.

A heavy-duty PSI gun, 900 mm lance, and 7.5 metres of hose make the best of the power washer’s four quick connect nozzles. These nozzles help a power washer adapt to whatever tasks it may face in a simplistic manner.

3. Scout150 E

Sometimes convenience is the most important part of choosing a pressure washer.

The Scout150 E is one of the best pressure washers on the market thanks to its user-friendly transportability. It’s also easy to use by way of its EASY-START device/TotalStop device and built-in fuel and detergent tanks.

A complete pressure washing system, the Scout150E is powered behind 2175 PSI at nine litres per minute. The best feature on this machine is its mobile capability sitting atop large runner wheels for transportation.

The engine is a little on the smaller size, but it still has a 230V electric motor that puts out 2.0kW of power. All of this comes from a 15A outlet.

4. BAR 5027G-HE

Keeping on track with high-powered options, the BAR 5027G-HE is one of the best pressure washers Melbourne Jetter Centre sells.

The BAR is another power washer with a Honda engine. This time it’s an Australian GX engine comparable to the American Simpson products. Honda engines are known for their power and consistency when it comes to the best pressure washers.

This electric pressure washer puts out 5000 PSI at 21 litres per minute and is manufactured in Australia.

Onboard, the BAR has a Comet TW550S Plunger Pump, Gearbox Drive at 1440 RPM, and an External Unloaded Valve. The BAR is one of the best designed four wheel carts and comes fully warranted for three years.

5. BAR Pursewer Compact

If your industrial project needs over-the-top or specific use power, a jetter might be a better option.

The BAR Pursewer Compact is a jetter powerful enough to pressure out 5000 PSI by way of a Honda GX690 Electric Start Engine Driven design.

This pressure washer has a maximum flow rate of 21.8 litres per minute. A flow rate that effective makes the 5000 pounds per square inch possible. This specific jetter is meant to be used as a drain cleaner, which is used in industrial settings often.

It’s encased in BAR’s custom galvanized frame and mounting cradle. It also includes a 25-litre stainless steel fuel tank and a 38-litre stainless steel water tank.

If you’re looking for a job-specific solution, the BAR Pursewer Compact will get it done right.

Pick the Best Pressure Washers

We covered five of the best industrial pressure washers.

Pressure washer rating is based on their PSI output. Like we mentioned above, typical heavy-duty pressure washers range between 2,900 and 3,500 PSI. These are the ones generally found in industrial applications.

Even some medium-duty pressure washers can take care of tricky industrial situations. Once you dip into anything higher than 3,500 PSI, those pressure washers are used for strict industrial applications and a high level of caution is advised when operating.

The choice is yours. The best pressure washer is one that relates to the project you’re working on. Make the right decision to complete the job with ease.

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