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Root Rat Invading Nozzle 1/4″ with QR-A Slim PVC Skirt

Root Rat Invading Nozzle 1/4" with QR-A Slim PVC Skirt

The Root Rat  Invading Nozzle 1/4″  with QR-A Slim PVC Skirt is a novel invading nozzle with three clearing zones. The front jet clears a forward path, 3 jets firing at 45° break up the choke and descale, and the 3 rear jets deliver drive and wash out.

The Root Rat Nozzleis an awesome choice for invading, breaking up and flushing away roots and tight chokes. The pointed head allows the nozzle to bury and drill while the duel functional rear jets get to work on the blockage.



Front Jets 1  – 0° Style Invading
Rear Jets 3 – 30°

3 – 45°

Flow Index 055
Connection QR-C Pipe Size  80mm -150mm
Weight 77g Part # RR6R1FC
Dimensions L – 72mm W – 25mm H – 25mm
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