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Ferret Invading Nozzle 1/4″ with QR-A Slim PVC Skirt

Ferret Invading Nozzle 1/4" with QR-A Slim PVC Skirt

The Ferret Invading Nozzle 1/4″ with QR-A Slim PVC Skirt has 3 rear jets at 30° and 3 rear jets at 45° and 2 offset forward jets. This hybrid nozzle has three clearing actions. The 3 rear jets provide penetrating force while the steeper angled rear jets assist with cleanout. The offset front jets cut into hard chokes.

The Ferret Invading Nozzle is suitable for hard and dry chokes and jobs where you require the flexibility to continually ram the sharp nose into the blockage. The hybrid rear jets drive and tear into the choke clearing it out behind the nozzle


Front Jets 2 – 15° Offset Style Invading
Rear Jets 3 – 30° & 3 – 45° Flow Index 055
Connection QR-A Pipe Size 80mm – 150mm
Weight 72g Part # FT6R2FC
Dimensions L – 72mm W – 25mm H – 25mm
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