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Screwdriver Nozzle

Screwdriver Nozzle

The Screwdriver Nozzle has a unique front blade used for gouging deep into the blockage as you twist the hose. There is one front offset jet and 6 rear jets for maximum thrust. This has been one of the most popular nozzles we have made due to its ability to cut with both the jets of water and the front blade.

The four corners of the front blade quickly tear into the roots making a path ready for the Root Ranger Nozzle to complete the job. Ideally used for stubborn blockages as the front blade can wear down if used as an everyday nozzle.

We have some customers who swear by this nozzle and use it on every single job because it is the most effective penetrative nozzle they have ever used. Made from hardened stainless steel in Australia.

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