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Stingray Sand Spade Nozzle 1/4″ with QR SS Adaptor

Stingray Sand Spade Nozzle 1/4" with QR SS Adaptor

The Stingray Sand Spade  Nozzle 1/4″ with QR-A SS Adaptor has 2 rear jets that can be set between 0° to 45° depending on your line size and job preference. It provides additional flexibility with a forward jet that can be removed on the job by inserting an optional blank jet.

The Stingray Sand Spade is designed for thrust. The nozzles large jets will power up the line while the front jets cut a path. It is designed as a flushing nozzle for the dragging out of the sand, silt, and debris from a line  It is also suitable for grease, rust and scale. The user set jet angle options can be fine-tuned for the job.

Please confirm your jetter psi and flow rate in the notes section of your shopping cart when ordering.


Front Jets 1 –  0° Style Penetrating
Rear Jets 2  – 0° to 25° Flow Index 055
Connection QR Pipe Size  100mm -300mm
Weight 243g Part # SR2R1FC
Min Flow 15 L/min Max Flow 36 L/min
Dimensions L – 78mm W – 60mm H – 24mm
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