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Mustang Nozzles Contractor Box

Mustang Nozzles Contractor Box

Announcing the NEW Mustang Nozzle Contractor Box!

This new nozzle box is a 2024 upgrade from the 7-piece Nozzle Box. Save when buying a boxed kit.

View the video to learn more about this new box and the added benefits of the upgrade.

The Mustang Nozzle Contractor Box contains,

  • Root Ranger Root Cutting Nozzle
  • Predator Nozzle
  • Negotiator Nozzle
  • Bullet Invader Nozzle
  • Stainless Steel Quick Release Coupler
  • 4 x O-rings
  • Tip Cleaner
  • Turbine Spindle Cleaner
  • Nozzle Spanner
  • Heavy Duty Case
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*Please note: Price is just a guide, and is subject to change without notice

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