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Enz Bent Roto Drill Nozzle 1/4″

The ENZ Bent Rot Drill Nozzle 1/4″ is shorter than standard Root Cutting nozzles so it can easily negotiate traps and bends. This nozzle has a rotating jet for improved cutting performance.


The ENZ Bent Rotodrill Nozzle is highly effective for clearing blocked pipes, tree roots and debris in complex and difficult drain configurations due to its short length.  Can be used to clean out blockages after traditional Mustang Penetrating and Invading Nozzles have begun the job.

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Front Jets Helix Cone Style Turbine Root Cutting
Rear Jets NA Flow Index 055
Connection BSP 1/4″ F Pipe Size  800mm -150mm
Weight 293g Part # Enz Bent Roto-Drill
Dimensions L – 72mm W – 52mm H – 30mm


Maximum pressure: 350bar/5000psi.

Swiss Made

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