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Bulldog Penetrating Nozzle 1/4″ with QR-A Slim PVC Skirt

Bulldog Penetrating Nozzle 1/4" with QR-A Slim PVC Skirt

The Bulldog Penetrating Nozzle 1/4″ has 2 large rear jets at 20° and 1 forward jet. The large rear jets provide the driving power of a nozzle typically used with a ½” hose.

The Bulldog Nozzle was designed by Mustang years ago to provide the power of a large jetter to a small head nozzle. The rear jets size delivers double the pulling power of a standard jetter nozzle making it efficient for tackling gullies and traps. The front jet penetrates the blockage while the rear jet delivers drive and clean out power.


Front Jet 1 – 0° Style Penetrating
Rear Jet 2 – 20° Flow Index 055
Connection QR-A Pipe Size 80mm – 150mm
Weight 61g Part # BD2R1FC
Dimensions L – 58mm W – 25mm H – 25mm
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