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Root Ranger Double Barrel Nozzle 1/4″

Root Ranger Double Barrel Nozzle 1/4"

The Root Ranger Double Barrel Nozzle 1/4″ is a heavy-duty choice made for extreme drain cleaning. Designed around the international success of the standard root ranger, the nozzle has three components; the patented dual Root Ranger Pressure Bend and the Root Ranger Turbines. The Root Ranger turbines have ceramic turbines that fire the jets in a helix action that delivers a 20° jet cone to both obliterate and flush any type of choke.

The Root Ranger Nozzle series is possibly the best root cutting nozzles available today for thoroughly cleaning roots, grease and debris from a drain. The turbines have one moving part and can be serviced on-site in 1 minute.  This premium nozzle is sold worldwide to plumbers who need their jetter to clean drains efficiently, the first time. It is an extremely reliable performance nozzle that will clear larger pipes without the need to call in a larger machine. Hose size up to 3/8”. Also a great nozzle for anyone working with pits culverts.

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NPT Thread Available for the Root Range Nozzle Series 1/4″


Front Jets Helix Cone –  20° Style Root Cutting Turbine
Rear Jets NA Flow Index 2 x 030
Connection QR

NPT 1/4″ F

Part # RRDB


Weight 1334g Part # 100mm – 250mm
Min Flow 18 L/min
Dimensions L – 139mm W – 70mm H – 57mm
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