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Trivector Penetrating Nozzle 1/4″ with QR-A with Slim PVC Skirt

Trivector Penetrating Nozzle 1/4" with QR-A with Slim PVC Skirt

The Trivector Penetrating Nozzle 1/4″ with QR-A Slim PVC Skirt is shaped especially to physically break down blockages with the front edges and chisel nose, along with 3 powerful front penetrating jets and 4 rear thrusting jets.

The Trivector Nozzle 3 front jets set at 15° and 4 rear jets  It is used to break down heavy grease, soil, tree roots or dry choke blockage material. Although it does not deliver the thrust of some alternative nozzles, there is plenty of power to drive and flush as the front jets do their job on the blockage.


Front Jets 3  – 15° Style Penetrating
Rear Jets 4  – 30° Flow Index 055
Connection QR-A Pipe Size  80mm – 150mm
Weight 70g Part # TV4R3FC
Dimensions L – 67mm W – 25mm H – 25mm
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