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Rotospin Nozzle 1/4″ Nozzle Box (Includes QR SS Adapter)

Rotospin Nozzle 1/4" Nozzle Box (Includes QR SS Adapter)

The Rotospin Nozzle 1/4″  is a controlled rotation nozzle engineered specifically to suit high-pressure, low-flow jetter machines used in clearing blockages in domestic and commercial sewer and stormwater drains. It has a self-rotating head that spins at 3-4 cycles per second and 2 rear jets that clean and descale.

The Rotospin Nozzle Box includes:

  • Rotospin Nozzle complete with QR SS Adaptor
  • Rotospin Nozzle Syringe
  • Rotospin Nozzle Oil
  • Rotospin Nozzle Box carry case

The groundbreaking Rotospin Nozzle features an offset forward-facing jet, so when the water pressure comes through, the head rotates of its own accord, assisting in cutting through obstructions and penetrating the blockage. When the Rotospin is into the choke deep enough, the rear-facing jets will cut away roots and choke to the edge of the pipe. This takes a lot of the effort out of sewer and stormwater jetting, with the self-rotating nozzle doing most of the work.

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Front Jets Spinning Offset Style Penetrating Rotating
Rear Jets 2  – 30° Spinning Flow Index 055
Connection QR Pipe Size  100mm -300mm
Weight 395g Part # RSTR1FC
Min Flow 15 L/min Max Flow 31 L/min
Dimensions L – 100mm W – 42mm H – 42mm
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