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Compressor Nozzle 1/8″ with Bullet Blank

Compressor Nozzle 1/8" with Bullet Blank

The Bullet Nozzle 1/8″ with Bullet Blank incorporates the Compressor Nozzle head with Bullet QR adaptor.  This nozzle is available in Penetrating, Invading and Thrusting jet configurations. It has a small body with a round nose so it can penetrate deep into tight blockages while the bullet head protects your QR fixture.

It is used where a small nozzle is required to break up blockage material in small diameter drains, including tree roots, sand, soil, grease, ice and debris. Great small nozzle with huge cleaning power for small lines and tight bends


Nozzle Styles Thruster Penetrator Invader
Front Jets 0 –  0° 1 –  0° 1 –  0°
Rear Jets 6 – 20° 3 –  30° 6 – 30°
Part # B6RC B3R1FC B6R1FC
Pipe Size Up to 100mm Flow Index 055
Connection QR Bullet Blank
Weight 50g
Dimensions L-55mm   W-22mm   H-22mm
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