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Water jetting with a drain camera – the best way to clean your drains!

If you find yourself constantly struggling with drainage problems, you may want to get a drain jetter specialist in to fix these persistent issues. But while drain jetting has been around for some time, here at Melbourne Jetter Centre, we are proud to support one of the newest ways of cleaning your drains. Let’s dive in.

What Is Drain Jetting?

Drain jetting, also known as high-pressure water jetting, is a way to clear drains. It is the use of high-pressure water jets to spray water through a hose with a jetting nozzle. It is a great way to clear blockages further down a pipe as a drain jetting rod can negotiate bends but also sprays water with a high force.

How Does Drain Jetting Work?

It is used through water pumping from tanks via a high-pressure hose with a jetting nozzle. As the nozzle has holes that are angled in the opposite direction to the water flowing, this allows the user to access blockages a long way down. As the water is pumped through the nozzle, this causes the hose to go further down into the drainpipe. As you can imagine, it would require a very powerful water pump to produce the high-pressures needed of a sewer jetter or drain jetter. Pumps can propel water at a pressure up to 5000 PSI.

When Is Drain Jetting Used?

Drain jetting is used in a situation where the cause of the blockage is not apparent. When professionals attend a property, they need to carry out an initial assessment to decide the best course of action. If drain jetting is recommended, the procedure is explained before obtaining your permission. It is used in a wide variety of situations and is considered to be a quick and cost-effective solution to clearing up drains. Prior to the advent of drain jetters, excavations needed to be carried out, which are complicated, costly and time-consuming. The benefit of a powerful drain or plumbing jetter can clear the vast majority of blockages without the need of drain excavations. Although many drain rods are used at the outset, some are not able to clear blockages.

A drain jetter has such high-pressure in comparison to a standard drain rod that it can force much more water onto a blockage which can result in the blockage softening so it can free itself from the walls of the drain pipe or sewer pipe. As the hose of a jetter can extend a significant way down a pipe and negotiate bends, this means that problems that build up in bends in pipes are easily unblocked. In addition to this, the drain camera provides significant insight for our engineers. When an engineer has access to a drain camera, they are able to see exactly what sort of blockage it is. Many engineers that use drain rods and no camera may have to use guesswork whereas using a camera gives precise insight into the problem so they can fix it quickly.

What Can Drain Jetting Clear Up?

Drain jetting is a very effective method that can clear a wide variety of blockages. It’s not just suitable for blockages in the home. While it can clear up a wide variety of blockages in underground sink and toilet pipes, it can also help clear up blockages as a result of sewage. A sewer jetter can easily clear up issues. But it can also remove blockages caused by a wide variety of foreign objects as well as food waste including grease or fat that has hardened up, human hair, as well as tree roots and leaves, which is ideal for those that have poor external drainage or live in an area prone to a lot of adverse weather. Because drains can be blocked in a multitude of ways, this can be a surprise to many people. It is also worth noting that the drains can become blocked due to a combination of these issues. In addition, if the drainage is old or not fit for purpose, this can very easily cause blockages to accumulate quickly. Drain jetting is a method that clears most blockages quickly and effectively.

Does It Work?

Based on the multitude of applications for drain jetting, it is a highly effective way of clearing drains inside and outside of the property. It is able to clear blockages in the home caused by everyday items like food or human hair and fat but it’s also fantastic for external drainage problems. The benefit of drain jetting is that it can negotiate bends better than traditional drain rods. Our engineers carry drain jetting equipment on their vehicles and it is a very simple piece of equipment to get sent up. It can remove most blockages, including tree roots and is a hose that can extend far down a pipe and navigate troublesome bends, while also providing that necessary pressure on the blockage, making it a very effective option.

How Safe Is It?

Our engineers are fully trained and understand that when your property suffers an issue of this magnitude that they need to adhere to the guidelines. Every engineer is experienced and will set up a safety zone so they can get to work clearing the drains without you worrying about your safety during the process.

Is It the Best Solution for My Problem?

If you are finding your drains are continually blocked or the same problem keeps coming up time and time again, drain jetting may be the best way for you to clear your drains. Whether you have a plumbing issue or external issue with your sewers, getting a sewer jetter can help you to finally unblock the issues that have been causing problems for so long.

Some of the most frustrating problems for any home are drainage & blockage issues. At Melbourne Jetter Centre we guarantee that with our high quality equipment, you will be able to unclog the root cause for many problems in your home. Chat to us today about what drain jetter can best suit your needs.


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