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High Pressure Washer Buying Guide – 2021 Edition

When choosing a high pressure washer, it is important to consider your needs and think about whether you need an industrial washer or not. This buying guide will explain the difference between commercial and industrial high pressure washers and compare some of the best options on the market right now. 

Type of pressure washers 

Most people are familiar with pressure washers and they might have used them to clean their driveway or their car. These electric powered pressure washers are fine for home use, but they are not adequate for heavy duty applications. The benefit of using an electric high pressure washer is that they are easy to plug in and use and they’re lightweight and portable. Gas powered high pressure washers are more powerful than their electric counterparts and are much better suited to industrial applications. A professional pressure washer is run on diesel or petrol and is usually much larger. It is these high pressure washers that we will focus on in this buying guide. 

What to look for in a high pressure washer 

When comparing different high pressure washers and trying to determine which one is right for your needs, there are a few important things to consider. 

The PSI 

The PSI (pounds per square inch) tells you how much pressure is used to propel the water from the washer. Essentially, it tells you how powerful the high pressure washer is. This is one of the most important things to consider because the higher the pressure, the more you spend. So, it’s important to find a washer that has high enough pressure, but also to make sure that you don’t pay for a high pressure washer that far exceeds your needs. 

Water flow rate 

The water flow rate tells you how much water the pressure washer produces per minute in litres. If you are cleaning large areas, the water flow rate is just as important as the PSI. The larger the flow rate, the quicker it will be to clean a large surface area. 

The Pump 

The pump is what pushes the water out of the pressure washer. A better quality pump helps to achieve a more consistent flow of water and a higher PSI and water flow rate. The pump also has a role to play where reliability is concerned. 

Engine type 

Reliability is so important in industrial high pressure washers, so it’s important that you check the engine type. Although water flow rate and PSI are the main things to consider, don’t make sacrifices on engine quality. 

The best high pressure washers in 2021 

We have put together a list of the best high pressure washers in 2021, taking these different factors into account, to help you make your decision. 


The BAR 3513G-HJV is one of the best industrial high pressure washers that money can buy. The brilliant design of the 4-wheel cart makes it very convenient to transport and use. The Honda GX Professional Engine is incredibly reliable and provides great power. If you have any issues with the engine, you are protected by a generous 3 year warranty. The Comet RW4030 Plunger Pump creates 3500 PSI and 15 litres per minute water flow, which is more than adequate to take on most jobs. 

This high pressure washer comes fitted with 4 quick nozzles that are easy to change, a gun and lance, and a 15 meter hose. The reliability and power of this pressure washer, coupled with the great accessories, make this one of the best options available right now. 

BAR Hot Pressure Cleaner SMART

If you need a high pressure washer that cleans at hot temperatures, the BAR Hot Pressure Cleaner SMART is an excellent option. This convenient washer has built in fuel tanks and a boiler, encased in a stainless steel shell. In terms of pressure, it doesn’t offer as much as many other washers, but if you have specific requirements for hot washing, it is ideal. You will get 1740 PSI and 11 litres per minute water flow from this washer. 

The safety features on this high pressure washer are excellent too. The flow will automatically stop a few seconds after letting go of the trigger and the pump won’t work unless there is water in it. 

The BAR Hot Pressure Cleaner SMART comes complete with a gun with protection and a lance with detergent adjusting head. Although it doesn’t match up to more powerful pressure washers in terms of PSI, it’s the best product for high temperature washing. 

BAR K250

The BAR K250 is a great option if you are looking for a mid-range model that is easy and convenient to use. The plastic injection moulded casing is great quality and it has a useful gun and lance storage system attached as well. The detergent tank is easy to remove and refill and it has a visible level on the outside so you know when it’s time to top it up. The pressure gauge is very useful as well, especially for sensitive jobs where maintaining the correct pressure is important. 

Although not the most powerful high pressure washer on the market, it still gives 2000 PSI and 10 litres per minute water flow, which can handle most jobs. 

BAR Pursewer Compact

BAR are known for their quality of build and reliability, and the Pursewer Compact doesn’t sacrifice that, even though it is less bulky than other options available. This high water pressure will keep going, day in day out, without any dip in performance. As such, these units are perfectly suited to tackle any plumbers drain cleaning requirements. The Honda GX690 Engine gives an impressive 5000 PSI, the water flow is 21.8 litres per minute, and it has a 38 litre water tank, so it is equipped to handle anything that you can throw at it. 

Here at Melbourne Jetter Centre, we provide a full range of high pressure washers to meet a variety of needs. These are some of the best models available right now, but you can browse the full range online to find the perfect pressure washer. 


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