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BAR Pressure Washers
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Pressure Washers

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Product Scout 150 E
Comet electrical pump with pump at the bottom and an all metal ... read more

BAR Pressure Washer

B.A.R. Group P/L is an Australian company established in 2004 which specialises in high pressure cleaning. The firm’s owners have sought out the world’s best retailers and manufacturers, and now stock a superior range of equipment including pressure cleaners, high pressure pumps and sewer jetters. B.A.R.’s staff have decades of experience in the industry and know these products inside and out.

As well as imported products, B.A.R. also produces and sells a selection of locally-designed machines created at their Australian plants. These are built for more specific needs and locales, such as pressure cleaners for mine sites, mid-sized jetters and pump/trailer packages. The group chooses to supply these machines to top quality resellers such as United Tools, chosen for our first rate service and values which align with B.A.R. and its ideals.


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