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Raptor 5000

Raptor 5000

The RAPTOR is a specially designed “All-in-one” unit for those occasions when floor space is in short, but a “Big block” is essential. These units tick every box for the plumber who wants a Jetter with the smallest footprint and maximum power, like 90% of the van installations. It comes with an iGX800 Honda Engine that runs a 5000psi pump with a big 25LPM flow rate to clear the most stubborn drain blockages. It is a strong, compact, fully self-contained unit that can be left on its wheels or with wheels removed; the chassis can be mounted directly on the deck of your truck or in your van. The Raptor has the reels mounted on top of the jetter giving you more room on the floor of your truck, ute or van.


  • Genuine 3 Year Warranty on the engine, 4-year gearbox & pump
  • Built-in Galvanised 46L water tank with low water cut-out and a large plastic 20L jerry can for fuel
  • Tough Galvanised frame
  • Heavy Duty high and low-pressure hose reels with an extra hose capacity
  • Sealed AGM long-life battery with an isolator switch to prolong battery life
  • Premium quality thermoplastic jetting hose and Mustang fittings

This product is a Class B Unit.
Read our Jetter Safety Requirements here.

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