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Python Trailerjet 25

Python Trailerjet 25

Galvanised 7’ x 4’ Trailer with Honda IGX800 Fuel Injected Engine and 24.7 LPM 5000PSI Bertolini pump and gearbox, Custom mounted 200 litre water tank with ball float valve on inlet & low water cut-out to protect the pump from running dry. Custom mounted Mustang high pressure reels with high pressure swivels. Reel holds 60 metres of Armidillo premium 5/16” thermoplastic jetting hose and 35 metres high quality garden hose.

Ideal for a majority of work including larger pipes. High pressure reel on this trailer is fitted with 3/8” jetting hose & larger nozzles are available to make use of the extra flow supplied by the larger pump. A Mustang Remote Mini Reel (extra) can be mounted in a lockable security bracket.

This product is a Class B Unit.
Read our Jetter Safety Requirements here.


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