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K Steel K9.21-21180

BAR Cold Pressure Cleaner K Steel K9.21-21180


Heavy duty structure with stainless steel cover
Easy maintenance of motorpump and electronic panel by simply removing of the cover
Big pneumatic wheels (ø 300 mm); easy to handle also up and down steps and over uneven grounds
Stabilizing rubber feet
Readily serviceable brass suction filter
Ejector kit for low-pressure detergent suction (excludable)
5 litres detergent tank fitted with filter
Self priming RW Premium pump with oil sight glass, with level visible from the outside and brass pump head
Hot water seals and professional unloader valve
4-pole motor (1400 rpm), well oversized and protected with paint
Exclusive motorpump coupling system for intensive use (9.15 – 9.21 models)
Elastic coupling (10.15, 10.17, 10.22 and 10.28 models)
Delayed TotalStop
Control panel with contactor and thermal protection
On/off rotary switch
Led micro-leaks detector with automatic stop system
Alert ordinary pump maintenance device
15 mt hose reel kit (on request)


  • PUMP: RW Premium
  • Power: 3Ph/400v/50Hz
  • Power: 9.0Hp/6.7kW
  • Pressure 2610psi
  • Flow 560/1260 L/H
  • Weight: 70kg
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