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Comet K Steel TS

Comet K Steel TS

Steel frame with stainless steel cover
Easy maintenance of motor/pump and electronic panel by simply removing of the cover
Big wheels (ø 255 mm); easy to handle also up and down steps and over uneven grounds
Readily serviceable suction filter
Low-pressure detergent suction
Pump with oil sight glass, with level visible from the outside and brass pump head
4-pole motor (1400 rpm), well oversized and protected with paint
Comet  RW3035 Premium Pump with bolt-on professional unloader valve
Delayed Total Stop
Detergent Injection at Low Pressure
Control panel with contactor and thermal protection
On/off rotary switch
Stabilizing rubber feet

Pressure: 1595 Psi
Flow: 12 l/min
Motor: 2.2kW with 15 Amp plug
Weight: 70kg

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