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BAR 5027G-HE

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BAR 5027G-HE

Honda Powered Pressure Cleaner
Our best machines by far, featuring:
Australian certified Honda GX Professional Engines
Italian Manufactured Comet Plunger Pump
Best designed 4 Wheel Cart with Reservoir Tank

5000 PSI @ 21 Litres per Minute
Manufactured in Australia
Conforms to Australian “PESA 2017” Emissions Standard

Honda Australia 24HP GX690 Electric Start
Full 3 Year Commercial year warranty support from Honda Australia

Comet TW5550S Plunger Pump
External Unloader Valve
Gearbox Drive / 1440 RPM
Built in Italy

Galvanized Roll Frame – 4 Wheel Cart with Reservoir Tank Frame

This product is a Class B Unit.
Read our Jetter Safety Requirements here.

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